Nutrition and diet



Nutrition is the number one most important element when trying to lose body fat or gain muscle.

If you haven’t got your nutrition sorted you will not see results from all the hard work you do at classes or in gyms.

70-30 Split

70% is nutrition 30%  exercise.

Getting nutrition right helps with energy levels, stress, hormone balance, sleep, recovery, growth, losing body fat and not to mention the compliments you will receive.

Heres what I do

I find out my clients TDEE ( total daily energy expenditure )

Once I have the clients estimated TDEE I then put their calories into either a calorie deficit (-500 below TDEE) or calorie surplus (+500 above TDEE) depending on their goals.

Once I have worked out how much calories they require to reach there goals I then work out the  macronutrient split of protein, carbohydrates and fats for them and devise a healthy meal plan for them to follow.