Personal training


Personal training (one-to-one sessions)

Before we start personal training we will meet for a consultation. During the consultation we discuss your lifestyle and what you want to achieve from training. We also look at your current eating habits.

This consultation is simply for me to get to know you and what motivates you, how much time you have available to exercise, and if there have been any exercises in the past that you liked or disliked.

I use this information to tailor a personalised workout plan and nutrition plan and set short, medium and long term goals for us to work towards.

Exercise sessions will be fun, also challenging and you have my full attention, knowledge and support.

Joint personal training and group training

Studies show that exercising with friends and family is a great way to get in shape. Training with others has many benefits. You will train together, discuss eating plans together and really motivate each other to succeed.

With joint or group sessions you can split the cost of Personal Training between two or three people and still get the same professional standard of service.

You can train as a family, I will provide fun circuits for you and your children to partake in that are suitable and safe for all ages.

Nutrition consultation and planning

Before I qualified in nutrition, I was so confused when it came to knowing what food types are good for me and what I should try to avoid.

During the Nutrition consultation I look at your current eating habits and why they are not allowing you to live as healthily as you would like.

I will ask you to complete a food diary, this would need to be filled out as honestly as possible for you to get maximum benefit from my plan. I will work out how many calories you need a day, your protein requirement and how much water should be consumed in relation to your goals.

Next step will be for me to make small manageable changes to your diet to help you on your way to achieving your goals. This is not a strict diet but more of a lifestyle change so it will be a lot easier to maintain whilst still getting all of your nutrients.

Benefits include higher energy levels, improved sleep, stronger immune system and the body results you want.

10 week program

10 weeks is a realistic time frame for you to see some life changing results in fitness levels and see your body changing, becoming healthier and stronger.

This program includes tailored nutrition advice, 10 Personal Training sessions, an on-going, simply to follow exercise plan for when I’m not with you and also telephone support.

Stretch session

This is a full body stretch session. Tight muscles are often the reason why we get injured or have pain in our bodies.

A full body stretch session may relieve you of discomfort and will help you in day to day activities making you more mobile.